Visual thinking and learning strategies have been shown to increase academic performance for students of all learning abilities. Inspiration® Software's visual learning software is recommended for students with ADHD, autism, Asperger's, dyslexia, aphasia, and visual or auditory processing disorders. By providing multiple mediums for representation, expression and engagement, Inspiration Software tools help students visually organize and outline ideas to structure writing and improve communication and expression. All this while learning skills that enhance and make learning fun and engaging.

With Inspiration Software's tools, students brainstorm using symbols and images to represent and sort their ideas, and create visual diagrams and graphic organizers to break work down into manageable sections. Visual learning engages students of all abilities as they work together and contribute at their individual levels.


We aim to find the best tool for your students to succeed:

  • Enable students who find words and writing overwhelming to have fun with the task by first creating a diagram with pictures and visual triggers, all while creating an outline in the background.

  • Support individualized and differentiated instruction. Lessons can be tailored to allow students to learn and demonstrate their understanding in ways that best suit their specific learning needs.

  • Break up long assignments into manageable chunks using an outline or flow chart to help student’s better process complex information.

  • Use the Talking Interface text-to-speech feature to support those students with challenges focusing on printed text.

  • Address word retrieval challenges with tools to quickly find and choose words while strengthening vocabulary and spelling.

  • Access built-in symbols and pictures to help create visual supports to facilitate better understanding of concrete concepts.

  • Build sequence charts to help students understand what to expect in their daily school routine and more easily transition from task to task.

  • Record instructions for assignments allowing students to absorb each step at their own pace.

  • Create storyboards helping illustrate the sequence of events in a story.


 Our future plan is to use Inspiration Software's programs to empower students with tools and strategies they can carry with them.

Help students develop and gather ideas, organize thoughts, analyse and interpret information, clarify understanding, and communicate clearly – all key 21st century skills that expand their ability to achieve success across all subjects and throughout their adult lives.





The Visual Leap:


"Visual learning strategies are at the centre of learning programs for students with ADHD, dyslexia, and autism spectrum disorders. Grouping and organizing ideas using mind maps, semantic webs and diagrams comes more naturally for these learners than other more traditional strategies, such as outlining and note taking. I teach visual learning strategies through the use of Inspiration software, because of how it facilitates multisensory learning. First, it provides symbols to tap into the learner's visual memory. Second, it provides the capacity for students to record their voices - which helps students describe ideas in their own words. This adds an auditory hook for the working memory. Third, fourth and fifth, the act of creating diagrams that represent ideas is kinaesthetic, spatial and affective. Inspiration is a unique tool that allows students to create personally meaningful diagrams, webs and outlines to represent and organize information. In turn, these diagrams help students with unique learning styles and needs to remember salient facts, analyse and evaluate concepts, write better and faster, and most importantly learn more easily."


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