All our staff has attended the Fishbowl course.



Children with autism (ASD) do not respond to conventional methods of education due to their unique patterns of thinking and responding to the world. They require specialist intervention in the form of adapted teaching methods and the use of tailored resources. The majority of skilled professionals have almost none of the requisite knowledge and skills to address the needs of these learners.

The Fishbowl Autism Skills Development Programme was developed at the Children’s ABILITY Training Centre in Johannesburg due to the high demand for specialised hands-on training for educators, therapists, parents and carers who work with children in the Autism Spectrum in South Africa. The course aims to empower these individuals by identifying their strengths and enabling them to provide individualised intervention at each child’s level of understanding.

Developed by highly skilled educators with many years of autism-specific experience both locally and internationally, the course has been designed for particular implementation in the South African context and embodies a balance between theory and practical application. It addresses the various areas of developmental delay, including communication and language development, motor skills, sensory functioning, social and emotional development as well as life skills.

The Fishbowl Skills Development Programme has been extremely well received by the teachers, therapists and parents. Over 3000 delegates have attended the course throughout South Africa and our neighbouring countries since its inception in 2012, with training feedback indicating that they obtained a greater understanding and awareness of the disability and felt more empowered in their ability to manage and support children who suffer from Autism.

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