Admission Policy

  • Parents must avail themselves for an interview and the acceptance of learners rests with the principal.
  • Prospective learners from grade R to 7 must be assessed.
  • Completion of application form and other official documents prior to acceptance.
  • Certified copies of birth certificate.
  • Proof of residence (e.g. rates and taxes account or lease agreement).
  • 3 Months bank statement.
  • Proof of employment and income.
  • Parents need to sign an indemnity form.
  • Parents need to sign a declaration that they agree with all policies and accept the contract and conditions of enrolment.
  • If a child is from another school we require a transfer form, CEMIS number and their latest progress report.

       In return we promise:

  • Not to discriminate against any child;
  • Keep our classrooms reasonably small;
  • Give individual attention to any problem areas your child may experience;
  • Teach good social moral values;
  • Deliver work of a high standard.

Language Policy

  • The official education languages are English and Afrikaans, and the administration of the school is conducted in English.  It is in the best interest of the learner that they be able to cope with English and Afrikaans medium environment.

Fees Policy

  • School fees are calculated per annum, payable on a monthly basis.
  • No discount is offered for early settlement. 
  • Cash or electronic funds transfers are accepted. 
  • We have no card facilities.
  • Our banking details are available upon request.
  • Fees must be settled, in full, by the 28th day of each month
  • Cash deposits made into the school account will incur bank charges which will be levied as part of the school fees of the next month.  These charges will be at the discretion of the school board.
  • Penalties or administration fees will be imposed on all unpaid balances after the first day of each month. 
  • Subsequent penalties or administration charges will be levied on the first of each month until balance is cleared. 
  • The school reserves the right to increase penalties / administration fees charged to persistent late payers. 
  • The school reserves the right to hand over for collection of outstanding school fee by the school’s debt administrators for collection. 
  • The school reserves the right to retain all learner documents until all school fees are settled in full or / and arrangements have been made for the full settlement of arrear school fees or any other debt.
  • Any payment arrangements are at the discretion of the School Board.

Maintenance Fee

  • Parents are not compelled to raise funds for the school and will do so in a voluntary capacity.  A compulsory maintenance fee is therefore charged to each family on an annual basis regardless of the number of siblings that are enrolled.  This fee increases annually.

New Learners

  • When a new place becomes available, a non-refundable registration fee and deposit will be required to secure the place. 
  • The first monthly school fee is due before the child is submitted into the class.
  • Fees for the subsequent months to be paid in accordance with the monthly schedule.

Discipline Policy

  • We believe school is an extension of the home; therefore, our role as educators is to work with the parents in dealing with discipline issues.
  • The educator uses positive re-enforcement to handle day to day discipline using the following strategies:
    • Positive comments
    • Token rewards
    • Good work notes to parents
    • End of term outing or party
  • The learners will be familiarized with the Code of Conduct and Discipline Policy at the beginning of the year.  Thereafter, failure to responds favourably to a warning will lead to the following disciplinary steps.  Serious offences, however, could override any stage of the procedure whereupon parents will be interviewed.  Consistent compliance will be rewarded with a fresh start after a six month probationary period.  If the pattern of offences persist after one year, it may be necessary, at the principal’s discretion, to proceed immediately to daily report at the beginning of the following year.
  • First offence – 1 x Break Detention or 3 x Break Detentions or Afternoon Detention depending on the seriousness of offence.  A first serious offence may lead to immediate expulsion.
  • Second offence – Parents will be notified.
  • Third offence – Parents will be called on to come to the school’s Principal to discuss the continued offence.
  • Fourth offence – Suspension for 1 week.
  • Fifth offence – Parents will discuss in an interview with Disciplinary Committee.
  • Sixth offence – Expulsion at the discretion of the School’s Board.



                Equal education opportunity

  • No learner can be prevented from participating in any programme solely because of his / her race, ethnic origin or gender.
  • A learner may decide not to take advantage of the educational opportunities at this school.  However, no one has the right to interfere with the education of others.

Learners respect themselves and others

  • Learners treat each other with kindness and demonstrate good manners.
  • No learner should be treated unfairly because of their physical appearance or because they find work easy or difficult.
  • Learners speak in courteous way.  They don’t make fun of each other or physically or verbally abuse each other.
  • Learners have the right to feel safe and happy at school.

Freedom of expression

  • Learners are entitled to express verbally, or in writing their personal opinions provided they do not interfere with the right of others.

Learners show acceptable behaviour

  • Learners respect those in authority and display good manners.  Learners should be co-operative and kind.

School rules

  • Learners must obey the school rules.  These rules are designed to allow the school to meet its obligations to educate learners in an atmosphere conducive to learning.  They are also designed to provide an atmosphere of safety and security for everybody.

Respect of Property

  • Learners are to take pride in their school and keep it neat.
  • Learners are to take care of books and equipment.
  • Learners may not damage or deface any area of the school.

Learners are prepared for school

  • Learners must attend school daily, unless ill or legitimately excused. 
  • Learners must be punctual for school. 
  • Learners who enter school after lessons are interfering with the rights of others to learn.

School uniform

  • All learners are to be dressed neatly and comfortably according to the regulations and must be adhered to at all times.
  • Learners should take pride in their appearance.

Due process

  • Learners will not be punished for breaking a rule or taking someone else’s rights away, without the chance to tell their honest side of the story.
  • There is a difference between telling tales and being a responsible person.
  • It is wrong to expect when your rights have been violated, but refuse to help others protect theirs.
  • We recognise that violation of these rules will be subject to consequences as set by our school’s Discipline Policy.


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